Would You?

Switch your spouses or children’s favorite brands with store or generic brands?

Yes, I would.


  1. Because most of the cheaper brands taste just as good as expensive brands.
  2. Because it would save me much money.

What do you think? Would you do this?



6 thoughts on “Would You?

  1. I’ve done it. The only thing that didn’t suck in quality due to that, was some spaghetti sauce. However, the other ‘switches’ proved to be gross-tasting, or not held together with proper consistency. I just found a generic cream of mushroom that’s good, though. However, mayo, & pb were..um. Wrong! In any case, most of our foods are from the ‘outside’ aisles of the store. Mean mother that I am, not alot of ‘snacks’ are bought; not alot of convenience stuff. Meds too. Switched some out for generic (otc) that were fine. As long as the ingredients match the high-end products, you’re usually good to go. But…I only did this with my kids (grown). I would always ask my husband first, as I have much respect for his hard work (I’m a sahw) and feel he should eat something he likes. Coffee too. We will scale down to a certain ‘type’ of coffee.

  2. I wouldn’t switch out my guy’s shirts with generic, when perfectly good designer shirts are available at thrift stores. Albeit, the thrift store has to be one that has high merchandise turnover (Goodwill, Salvation Army). Don’t forget the small stores too. Less likely to find “designer” clothes in good condition but you never know!.

  3. I do for anything I can get away with. There are some things I just can’t find a substitute for, but I still save a lot of money over brand names on many items. For those brand name items we like, I try to watch for them to go on sale or I have a coupon for them.

    1. Most of the time store or generic brands are fine. There are occasions, however, when brand names are just of better quality. Waiting for sales and such are great ways to purchase these items, as is coupling a sale with a coupon.

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