Cutting the Cost of Baking

On page 203 of The Tightwad Gazette Amy Dycyzyn discusses the topic of baking.

There are ways to go about saving money while baking. Amy points out these ways:

  1. Purchasing items on sale. (I find that waiting until the holiday season to stock up on many baking supplies is essential. In December, I purchased flour at about $1.60 for 5 pounds, and sugar for less than that.)
  2. Use of powdered milk. (At last count, this was still cheaper than using regular milk, even skim.)
  3. Eggs. Amy pointed out that, when bulk baking, you can skimp on an egg here and there without it causing any problems.

I have a tip to add to Amy’s tips:

I often buy small or medium eggs and not large. All three sizes can be used interchangeably in almost any recipes.

What tips do you have?



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