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Curbside Pick-Up

Here is a topic from one of Amy’s readers, which you can find on page 193 of the Complete Tightwad Gazette.

We have picked up many great items using this system. Each spring, communities have this roadside pick-up thing that they do. This helps us to declutter our homes.

One benefit to doing this early and setting things out on the road is that people in need can acquire some necessary items.

Another benefit is that less stuff goes into a landfill.

Here are some treasures that I have acquired over the years by using this system:

  • A barbecue grill
  • A nice bike for my daughter
  • A bean bag chair for each of my daughters
  • Clothing for all of us
  • Books and school supplies for all of us
  • Stands
  • A dresser
  • Shelves
  • Planters and other gardening needs
  • Kitchen items



4 thoughts on “Curbside Pick-Up

  1. Vacuum cleaner (worked for nearly 3 years), shelving, 2 area rugs, a large cage for our guinea pig, lamps, fireplace screen, & one of my favorite ideas – old dresser drawers from broken dressers to repurpose as underbed storage.

    1. I have the worst luck with vacuum cleaners. I go through one a year. My goal is to eradicate carpeting as soon as I can afford the tiles to replace them with, and the floor boards.

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