Dear Frugal Diary 12/8/2009

I am considering what to do about the holidays. So far, I haven’t purchased much. With little money I may not be purchasing anything. These are lean times.

On a good note, my freelance writing career is starting to work out for me. I am now able to pay my monthly bills again, and what a relief that is. I am so excited over this, given the lack of job opportunties in my area. I was truly worried about being homeless this winter.

I have worked hard, and am still working hard. My goals are:

  1. Pay off debts.
  2. Get wireless so I can work more hours.
  3. Not to have to depend on SNAP benefits.
  4. Save money for Zowie for college next year.
  5. Being able to afford a graduation party for Zowie.
  6. Being able to afford to take a trip up north (frugally, by bus) to visit my daughter Skye. I rarely get to see her.
  7. Begin saving for a move to Salem, Massachesetts.

Worthy goals, if I do say so myself. I am looking into affordable sofa and mattress options as well. No choice. I need them.

Here are some articles that you may want to sound off on:

Where Have the Ingersoll-Whitman Tenants Gone?

Where to draw the line on child poverty


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