Dear Frugal Diary 11/29/2009

It was nice to take some time off. Monday, Zowie skipped school and I skipped work to go see New Moon. We went to the matinée to save a few bucks, thought the movies is not frugal. We went out to lunch first. It was a nice day.

Then I was sick for days, and did not get to make blog posts at all. I was feeling better on Thanksgiving, and my sister and nephew came to eat with us. It was a pretty frugal meal, with the basics. Nothing real fancy. The visit was great just the same.

I am finally starting to earn a bit more money from my writing. I am happy with my freelance writing career accomplishments this far. Before long, I should be able to pay all the bills off.

It was hard being out of work most of the year. There is no savings left on my part, and I have had to visit the food cupboard more than I was hoping. I only receive so much in SNAP benefits, and MaineCare.

I hope everyone is doing well.



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