Leach-Free Containers

There are leach-free alternatives to BPA products, both plastic and glass. These are durable, healthier choices for everyone, but cost can seem daunting.

Do not think that way! Think about how much you are spending every month on plastic food baggies and other disposable items like these. Even if you reuse these items, they will still have to be replaced eventually, necessitating the use of landfills for disposal.

  • Purchasing healthy alternatives will help the environment, and make you and your home healthier, negating the need for so much medical care.
  • Making these purchases will also save you a lot of money over time.

There are ways to go about getting these items at discounted prices:

  • Reuse glass food jars from the grocery store.
  • Purchase old canning jars, lids and rings at yard sales and other places. Often, these can be found on freecycle.
  • Ask for them as gifts for Christmas or your birthday.




One thought on “Leach-Free Containers

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