Dear Frugal Diary, 11/09/2009

I have been decluttering and learning to simplify my life. This process is helping:

  • Me to learn that I do not need so much.
  • Me to learn the art of letting go.
  • Others to see that I do not want them to give me so many things, unless they will be useful.
  • Others in that I am giving of my ‘things’ that I no longer want away.
  • Me to prepare to move to Salem without so much stuff, paying less to move what I will have left.

Deciding what to let go is somewhat difficult. I have (mostly) done my bedroom and the livingroom, but I am still seeing things that I can live without.



2 thoughts on “Dear Frugal Diary, 11/09/2009

  1. Hi Shannon,
    I didn’t know that you were planning on moving to Salem. Have you benn planning this for a while? Will both your daughters be going with you? Godd luck with this!
    Janel in NJ

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