Using Coupons

I sometimes use coupons, but not always. I cut out many more than I use. Why?

  • It is usually cheaper to purchase a store/generic brand.
  • Store/generic brands are generally just brand names with less decorative packaging.
  • Ex: If your store sells Hood milk, then the store brand milk is likely Hood.

Here are some tips:

  • Do not be brand loyal.
  • By discounted items that need to be used right off. Use a coupon if you have one for extra savings.
  • Stock up when butter is sold for .33 a package, etc.Use a coupon if you have one for extra savings.
  • Buy in bulk when it will really save you money. Use a coupon if you have one for extra savings.

What tips do you have? Please share.



4 thoughts on “Using Coupons

  1. Are you missing out by not doing coupons. There are many websites out there doing all the work for finding a good deal. Stockpiling is the way to go. I am a family of three with my husband working & part time living out of state. We have food to live upon for at least three months except for eggs. We even freeze milk. I can now donate items which I could not do because of money. My freezer is full and my pantry looks like a mini market. I spend on an avg of 200.00 a MONTH or less. I have frozen dinners (part homemade and fast dinners). My freezer is full of veggies, meats, dinners, desserts, etc. I do not have any off brand items.

    Rebates. I now use a system to list and file my rebates in a notebook. I mail my rebate off and wait apprx two months for reimbursement. I have a copy for my file in case of a mistake on my part. Some rebates give me extra $$ after the sale and coupon, most are just free items.

    Try again. You won’t be sorry.

    1. I do use coupons, but only when they will truly save me money. For instance, I once had 10 coupons for for B1G1 free offers for Dawn and used them all up at the Family Dollar. This was used for dishes and clothes for the longest time, saving me a great deal of money. I save all leftovers and freeze and do a great many other things foodwise. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Forgot to tell you that the key to couponing is buying a paper for each member of the family. That way when a deal is available you are buying muiltiples. I buy four papers. You want one coupon for EACH item purchasing. Example: Colgate toothpaste goes on sale for 1.00. You have 4 coupons for .50. Your store doubles up to .50, now your coupon is worth 1.00. You buy 4 toothpastes, give 4 coupons and now all are considered free except for the tax.

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