Dear Frugal Diary,

I wrote an article yesterday that completely upset some man named ‘Steve’. The article started off innocent as could be, as a way to be sure that children did not gorge themselves on their Halloween candy in a short period of time, which is not good for them.

‘Steve’ accused me of:

  • Being sick
  • Being twisted
  • Stealing candy from children

Obviously, these accusations are untrue. The children get all of their candy, only in a healthier manner – spread out throughout the winter.

The method also saves mom money on other holiday candy, because the candy is spread out.

You can read the article at the link below. Please leave a comment there and let me know what you think:

Now onto food. We have $214.00 for food for the month. This is for two of us. One who takes lunches to school. We may have an extra $20.00 a month for food when all is said and done.

We visited the food cupboard a couple of months ago, once. We are fine with food, and it should last until the 14th when we will be paid again.

  • I am eating less than what I should.
  • We do not get the required amount of fruits and veggies, and certainly not many fresh ones.
  • We try to use whole grain products, but we still have to eat a lot of white processed stuff.

By all rights, I should be losing weight. I am not. The problem? Carbs do not agree with my body, but they are the foods that I can afford. And they wonder why people are so overweight.



5 thoughts on “Dear Frugal Diary,

  1. Hi Shannon, the probably of expressing opinion is you will always run the risk of provoking an opposing opinion. This would be fine if we were polite only it really is not a polite world. Too many oppressed for that I am afraid.

    Re weight, I know you walk plenty so I can only add that I lose weight without dieting by avoiding bread (its the spreads that do it), cisps (chips you say I think), all sweet products. Also eating white rice with any available veg in a tinned tomato based sauce is plenty healthy.

    Keep looking for a different way to achieve your weight goalsl.

  2. Hi Shannon,

    I can understand how difficult it is to try to live on a very limited budget. I think that spreading out the candy is a great way to teach healthy eating habits to children. My mother did that when I was a child and it taught me alot about not over eating, even if it tastes really good!!

    There is an organization that I wanted to tell you about. It is called Angel Food Ministries. They are a non-profit, non-denominational food program that works in 35 states. Their website is and I try to tell as many people about them as possible. They offer boxes of food, some options include all fruits and vegetables. They are run through local churches and they also take Food Stamps. When it comes to stretching a dollar, this is a great option. I hope that there is a site close to you if you are interested.


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