Frugal Lifestyles

On page 44 of The Tightwad Gazette, Amy discusses her frugal lifestyle. The article has great tips for fixing up a house that should have otherwise been burnt to the ground. The people the article focuses on did a lot of work to make the ramshackle building livable, and they did a great job. How did they do this?

Mostly by scavenging. Getting what they could free or very cheaply.

I have incorporated these measures over the last 7 years while fixing up my home:

  • Free windows from my moms old trailer.
  • Purchasing materials and having my stepfather do the work for free.
  • Shopping sales.
  • My mom and stepdad redid Skye’s bedroom because she helped them to take care of my grandmother.
  • My stepfather built in-wall shelving and drawers for Zowie because she would help with my grandmother at times as well.
  • Purchasing items at discount stores.

And for my yard:

  • Leaving the Lily’s the previous owners had planted, and transplanting some elsewhere on the lot.
  • Transplanting violets.
  • Free seeds in the mail.
  • Free bulbs from a neighbor whom I helped.
  • Free planters from numerous sources, as well as some purchased cheaply at yard sales.
  • The lawn mower and wheel barrow were my grandfathers.
  • Waiting to purchase seedlings until they are clearance priced.

What have you done to save money on home improvements?



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