Dear Frugal Diary, 9/30/2009

I am living as frugally as I know how. I had been out of work for months, and have been bringing in money whenever possible. I am doing different things:

  1. Babysitting when needed by someone.
  2. Writing at about $100 a week, sometimes more.
  3. Balancing a checkbook for a friend.
  4. Caring for a cat for a friend.
  5. We had a yard sale.
  6. I have many books to sell.

I am doing what I can at this point.

We are learning about financial aid stuff because Zowie starts college next year. She will likely be going out-of-state, and is aware that she will likely need a part-time job. We are hoping for a dorm room for at least the first 4 years. She has 10 years of college ahead of her.

It is warm here in Maine today, but it has been cold. My stepfather had an extra window, so he replaced the broken window in the little room for us yesterday. I may have to purchase a roll of insulation, and am hoping that it won’t cost too much. My mom is coming to help me to bank the trailer this week.

Oil was delivered the other day. $138.00. Yuck! Thank goodness for fuel assistance. I didn’t use it all last year, so I have a credit still.

It was so cold in here yesterday that we turned the heat on for a few hours.



5 thoughts on “Dear Frugal Diary, 9/30/2009

  1. Would you be able to put up notice somewhere around town or participate in a freecycle type group or check craigslist and put up a wanted for insulation that someone might have extra on? Perhaps you you barter with somone or check prices of the new stuff and work on getting it at 50-70% less than that?

    Keep the faith. You appear like a strong person to me though you may not feel like it.

    1. Actually, my stepfather has leftover insulation from when he put the addtion on his trailer. He gave my sister some the other day, and the rest should be enough for my purposes. He is even going to install it for me.

      Those are great suggestions. Someone else may be able to use them.

      I do have a freecycle account that I use when the need be.

  2. I am living the low income life as well, and it ain’t easy. It ain’t east cutting costs. It ain’t easy sacrificing fun. It ain’t easy using coupons. I know! You have to take advantage of what is provided. Get a phone from they are free if you are low income.

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