Tightwad Gazette: Baby Formula Savings

Amy discusses baby formula savings on page 21 of The Complete Tightwad Gazette. I suggest breastfeeding if at all possible. However, I realize that there are circumstances under which this is not possible.

When my daughters were babies, we used a combination of feeding methods. I did not breastfeed Skye at all, but I did breast feed Zowie for a couple of months.

I used WIC vouchers, which paid for a lot of the formula, and when that ran out each week we used a homemade version: Half evaporated milk and half water with a little Karo syrup to make sure that the babies did not end up constipated.

I took them off formula as soon as it was possible.

When I did purchase formula with my own money, I used coupons.

Skye and Zowie did fine with this combination of feeding methods.



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