Single Moms

Good evening all. I am so sorry that this is being posted so late this week. Alas, I ended up sick for 3 1/2 days, and am just starting to feel better today. Of course, I was not totally out of commission. As I was laying in bed, I managed to brainstorm a plethora of things to write about.


I just wanted to pop in and let all of you single moms know about the support groups that I run for single moms. Bangor Maine Single Moms Support Groups on Facebook MySpace You can also follow me for updates on Twitter Feel free to join. Each support group covers different topics, so you will not be bored if you join both;)


This single mom was featured on Rachel Tobins’ Salt Lake Single Moms page as a Single mom for National Unmarried and Single Americans Week. How awesome is that. I appreciate the acknowledgement. You can read the article here. Feel free to comment.

I will post the three low-income posts this week still. I am catching up.



2 thoughts on “Single Moms

  1. Just want to say hello and thank you for your website. There has recently been a big change in my life and I find myself going from low income to even lower income and I’m scared to death, particularly since I’m just a few years away from being a senior citizen. Poverty is not fun at any age, but it’s a true horrer when you’re older. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone. I hope you feel better soon! My best to you.

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