Multi-Use Seating

Multi-use seating can be an important aspect financially when you are living the low-income life. When you have the opportunity to purchase something brand new, it is important to get your money’s worth.

I am in need of a sofa. I cannot afford a new one right now, so I am saving until I have a good down payment on one. I want one that has multiple purposes.

For instance, I have nieces and nephews who spend the night. They currently sleep on my dilapidated old sofa. I also have a daughter who lives away and needs something to sleep on when she visits.

I am also in need of a new chair, and I would like to have an ottoman. I will purchase these after I have paid off a sofa.

I plan to purchase a sofa that not only reclines for bed use, but also provides storage for blankets and pillows. Storage is important here because we do not have a lot of space.

The chair and ottoman set that I am looking at also create a bed. That would give me enough room for three children or adults to sleep while at my home. The ottoman is also useful for storage, and I can put the few small toys that I have available for my nieces, nephews and day care children.

I know that this type of furniture can run $300 to $500. Very expensive. However:

  1. I am getting three uses in one.
  2. In general, sofas and chairs are not made as well as they used to be. I would like for the furniture that I choose to last as long as possible. Purchasing used furniture seems like such a waste when I will only have to purchase it again in a year or two.



2 thoughts on “Multi-Use Seating

  1. I know you do not think used furniture is durable, but I bought a used Clayton Marcus sofa that costs about $1K and up in stores for $200 and it was flawless. I got it off of Craigslist – which is an absolute goldmine in my opinion.

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