They Call Me “The Frugal Zealot”

Well…not really. But that is what they called Amy Dacyzyn, author of The Tightwad Gazette books and newsletters.

I have been called thrifty, and I fully admit to calling myself cheap. I love to see how much money I can refrain from paying out on things, and I have decided that there are relatively few things that I need to pay full price for. I do have a wish list, and I am hoping that, once I have saved enough to purchase each item separately, I can actually get them on sale. Here is my wish list:

  1. A click-n-clack sofa, chair and ottoman. Why? Because they serve multiple purposes: Living room furniture for one. Then the sofa and chair fold down, the sofa sleeping two and the chair and ottoman together sleeping one. Plus, there is storage space for guest blankets and pillow…Plus, my furniture is incredibly old and in very bad shape.
  2. A new mattress set for me.
  3. One of the new HD televisions and something to place it on.
  4. A laptop – This will likely be a refurbished one.
  5. A small table with two chairs for my tiny kitchen. This will be more comfortable than the two stools that we have at the counter.
  6. A smaller slow cooker.
  7. Until I can get the new television, I would like a decent antenna so that I can watch more than two channels.

What does your wish list look like? Obviously, it will take a long time for me to acquire mine.



6 thoughts on “They Call Me “The Frugal Zealot”

  1. I think it’s great that you are thrifty like Amy Dacyczyn. For years I saved the article in Parade magazine about Amy and her family and how they saved money. I then subscribed to her newsletter and kept every issue like it was gold! That was 17 years ago…I still think she is great!

    Do you live anywhere near her…she lives in Leeds, Maine?

  2. I worked for a furniture store and here is a tip for you. Check your local phone books to see if you have a matress factory near you. When retail furniture companies send back shop worn samples, the local mattress companies usually recover them and send them back out. Ask if they will sell you one that has not been recovered. Usually they are in excellent condition and if you use a mattress pad and sheets, you will never know there was any wear anyway. Discount may be 10 to 20%.The warranty will be the same as a new one.

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