Free Air Conditioner

I got a call from my neighbor yesterday, asking if I would like a free air conditioner. Her mother was giving one away, and my neighbor already owns two.

I haven’t purchased an air conditioner in all of these years for two reasons:

1) Not cost efficient to purchase then pay the higher electric bills.

2) Possible environmental concerns.

Now, the past week (about) we have been having very humid, hot days with almost no break. I live in a trailer, which feels like an oven even though I open close curtains, use fans and cross-ventilation. There are just some days when my efforts to keep this place cool do not work.

So I told her that I would love an air conditioner, and Zowie and I created a use agreement. We will only use it on the hottest, most humid days. This should be about a month or less per year. And we will only use it until we can afford a greener option.



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