Earning Extra Money

There are many ways in which we can earn extra money. I hate to benefit from others problems, but my best friend is paying me to do a few things for her. She is not paying me a lot, $20.00-$50.00 a week, but it is all helping me.

Of course, I am uncomfortable with what she thinks my services are worth. I feel that her money could be better used elsewhere, and I have told her that she needs not pay me for any of these services.

She is the kind of person who believes in paying for such services. She may learn otherwise as she moves into her own place and realizes that her finances are not what they used to be.

At any rate, she pays me:

$20.00 once every couple of weeks for her son to spend the night so that she can go on a date.

$10.00 per week to cat-sit, plus pays for everything they need. This money goes to feeding my own cats and purchasing their litter.

An undetermined amount to do her checkbook balancing. Now, she says they charge about $20.00-$30.00 an hour to do this at the Credit Union. Wow. I just can’t even imagine it. It took me 3 hours the first time I did this for her, and she wanted to give me $50.00 or $60.00. I simply can’t seem to take that much, and suggested $10.00. She is not happy with that.

We agreed that she would see what she has leftover this week for money, and that she would pay me something she would think was fair.



12 thoughts on “Earning Extra Money

  1. Hi Shannon, people are so deeply messed up about money. Money is nothing without resources from the earth to create it &/or people upon the earth retrieve it. Money reinforces a hierarchy. Like your friend, I see spending money as a way to redistribute what everyone should have a right to, the means to keep on living.

    Thank goodness you have friends that recognise and insist on acknowledging your contribution.

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