Homeless Awareness Month

Butler County Turns Spotlight in Homeless

A one-month sensitivity program geared toward helping people in a position of authority to understand what it is like to be homeless seems like a good idea, but can anyone really know how someone who is homeless (or close to it) feels?

I’m not sure. They can get an idea. But, in the end, they know that when the month is over they are safe. Even if they were to literally live on the streets for an entire month, how could they possibly really know.

Who knows? But maybe the situation will help them to understand a little better about the the lifestyle that a homeless person lives.

I have never been homeless, myself. So I cannot know. I have been very close a few times in my life, and it has scared the heck out of me.

In all honesty, I believe that every state/community should have such a program because the more you learn about another person’s situation, the more you can help them.



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