Our Mini Vacation

Each year, we take a mini vacation at Katie’s parents camp. There are always many people there, and we have much fun. This year, Katie invited Skye’s boyfriend and two of Zowie’s friends along as well.

Usually this is a completely free vacation for us, but I decided that I couldn’t expect her to feed all of us for the weekend, on top of everyone else. I purchased about $30.00 worth of food to contribute.

This year there were 14 of us at camp for the weekend:

Me and my brood of 5

Katie and Phil, and three of their children


Sheila and her son Zachary


We all had a great deal of fun. We barbecued and made S’mores, played Magic, Rummy, Skipbo and the Wii on the rainy day. Neil provided me with a great story to create. I read some from ‘Salems’ Lot by Stephen King, and took notes for blog and article ideas. My sisters and I went in the canoe to the marsh where we saw baby ducks, interesting birds and a beaver.

On Sunday, my sisters and I, along with my daughter Zowie, Hanna, Phil and Zachary took the floats to swim to the island. This is great exercise. Of course my nephew (Zachary 14) intentionally let go of the float that M (10) had just gotten for her birthday and it went away. That was not his fault, though, according to him, LOL. A Nice family on a boat rescued the float and brought it back to us.

We had a great time, and I can’t wait to go back again next summer.



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