An Affordable Birthday Party

I never was one for spending a lot on my children’s b-day parties, except Skye’s sweet 16 (also done with a budget, though). I always bought cheap ice cream and made a homemade cake. I usually used our household plates, cups, spoons and forks, even when we had a dozen people there. I would also purchase a 3-liter of soda.

My mother would bring paper napkins, and sometimes dad would bring paper plates and cups and plastic silverware. My sister would always bring chips and dip.

Other than a gift, I wouldn’t spend anything else. I didn’t have to. My children loved having their friends and family around, and cared nothing about games, goodie bags and such.



2 thoughts on “An Affordable Birthday Party

  1. We’re trying/planning to do our cheaply too… Not quite as strict as yours, but still. For instance, we do buy paper plates (or planning too) but going with solid colours. Instead of buying things to fit our theme I want to make them (couldn’t last year because of where we had it). But the cake is the main thing, its what will draw all of that together.. and also homemade. I had a blast making Kalila’s first one(s). And I’m having a blast planning her next cake too.

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