Energy Savings

Saving electricity is not only about saving money, though that is a big part of the equation. It is also important to our future as a whole.

To live a greener life, in some cases, will automatically bring money savings. Sometimes this money savings is very much needed.

Right now, I am saving energy costs because I have no water to heat. This is because of a strange flood that has ocurred under my trailer, making it near impossible for me to use the water inside. I called the water company and had them turn off the water until we can get things figured out and fixed.

This sudden savings in water made me realize that I will also be saving energy costs. Why? I cannot shower or use the dishwasher.

This is not my every day reality, though.

I think that, once my water is back, I should be rethinking the way I do things around here. Here is what I have in mind:

  • When Zowie starts her senior year, I will wash the breakfast and lunch dishes by hand, using less hot water. This will save on my energy bill, as well as the water bill.
  • I will not use hot water to clean with. I already do not use hot water when doing laundry.
  • I am learning to write and do my other online work without background noise from a radio or a television. As a matter-of-fact, most days we only watch television for a short period of time in the evenings.

I already take short showers, so that is not a real issue. I use little hot water in the summertime for this, as I am usually trying to cool down from the heat.

I also do not use an air conditioner. I use only fans. I also only use lights when necessary. I have already cut my energy use by quite a bit, but a little more will not hurt anything.


P.S. Please share your energy savings tips with us.


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