Water Savings

For those of us who have to pay for our water, I suggest that we find as many ways as possible to cut the water use in our daily lives. Even if you don’t have to pay for your water use, using less will be better for the world in general. How can this be done?

I recently wrote an articles detailing how I reduce water use in my home. I will be posting it here after it has been accepted for publication at Greenandsave.com.

Until then, I would like to hear from my readers. What do you do, in your daily life, to save water?



2 thoughts on “Water Savings

  1. *If you have transport wash it less.Try monthly instead of weekly.
    *Wear your clothes longer between washing. The fashion has become wash after a single outing.
    *Bath or shower every other day not every day. Take shallower baths. Make more use of body washing from the sink.
    *If you dont have already get a dual flush (short flush/long flush) on your toilet.

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