Millions Left Behind as TV Goes Digital features the article Millions Left Behind as TV Goes Digital. Are you one of these millions?

I have not attempted to set up my converter boxes yet. As a matter-of-fact, I may also have to buy new antennas for the televisions. Not sure yet. I suppose that I will attempt to hook them up this week or next. See what happens…

I cannot afford antennas, so if the converter boxes don’t work, we simply will not be able to afford television.

Anyway…the article was interesting.



6 thoughts on “Millions Left Behind as TV Goes Digital

  1. Shannon this is a great site and I wanted to give some ways to watch tv for free over the internet. You can watch anything from tv shows to movies

    I hope this helps out and you enjoy.

    I dont know what kind of tv you have but I purchased a cable for like 6 dollars at that had an svideo connection on one end of and the audio and visuals and on both ends to hook the computer up to the tv so you can watch on tv.

  2. My son, the computer whiz in our family, looked at the above list of sites for watching tv online. He warned against all of these sites as having scads of popups as well as some self-installing (dangerous) programs. He suggests sticking with Hulu and Fancast. Sometimes the commercials are really inappropriate, but at least the sites are safe to use. Also, we sometimes find old shows on youtube. No commercials, you just have to watch each show in parts. Hope this helps!

    1. I just wanted to say I would not have suggested any sites without using them first. I have used them without any problems. I have not had any inappropriate commercials either. In fact my son son is more at risk being exposed to inappropriate things on youtube and some the sites I listed up top are not where you watch the shows but a link to where you can find the shows making me wonder if they really were checked out.

      Maybe I did not have a problem with popups because I dont have popups enabled on my computer and I would not put my computer at risk of programs being installed because I use it for work.

      Just trying to help someone out.

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