Family Guide to Going Green 2009

The Family Guide to Going Green 2009 is a great resource for any household.  As low-income individuals and families, some greening efforts can go a long way in saving us money. What could be better than that? (Except for saving the planet, of course.)

 I, personally, found the guide very useful. I am already doing some things in the guide, and my daughter and I will be incorporating more things into our daily lives as well. For instance, here is what we have already done:

1. Zowie now has a less toxic water bottle for Upward Bound this summer.

2. We reuse old towels, dishcloths, etc., as rags.

3. I have cleared the cupboard of all plastic containers, replacing them with glass jars with metal/glass lids.

4. We have switched out the light bulbs.

5. We grow some of our own food.

6. We are eating more fruits and vegetables.

7. We are purchasing more organic/all natural foods and other products.

8. We have a compost bin.

9. We uses canvas shopping bags.

10. We dry clothes outside.

11. We use only cold water to wash clothing.

There are likely other things that we do as well. What greening efforts are your family working on incorporating into your daily lives? Feel free to post about them in the comments. Shannon


2 thoughts on “Family Guide to Going Green 2009

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