Economic downturn. Recession. Depression.

Hmmm…have you noticed the gas prices lately? They are up again. Not surprisingly. My mother just found out that her oil company won’t let her lock-in at the not-so-low price that kerosene is going for at this time. Food prices continue to rise. Bill rates continue to rise. People continue to lose jobs. More and more people are being forced to utilize food cupboards, and the FoodStamp rate has actually gone up again.

Things are not looking so good. I am out of work again, and can’t seem to find anything local. I will be posting for babysitting again, but even that won’t pay my bills. Of course, with more people out of work there is less need for childcare.

Even with the little bit of money that I make monthly freelance writing. Food is the only thing I seem to be able to afford these days.

My income tax refund didn’t go all that far either.

I had read that it seemed as though we are coming out of the recession. I’m not so sure about that. It just doesn’t seem so.  I am wondering about a full-blown depression in this economic downturn.

It seems like almost everyone is living the low-income life these days.

Anyone want to sound off on this? Feel free to leave comments.



4 thoughts on “Economic downturn. Recession. Depression.

  1. before the recession there were poor people just getting by. now the same people are poorer still. whereas the fat cats are just ever so slightly slimmer. if we are near the bottom of the pile relative to the country we live in we are not going to be changed that much by economic conditions.
    a lottery win maybe but not by politics or economics.

    thankfully we can play an entirely different game. whether it is called frugal, green or spiritual. sure money can make you comfortable but having little or no money is not a barrier to having a good relationship with yourself, those close to you or the planet.

    take care, your blog is very good.

    1. Thank you. I’m happy that you enjoy the blog, Joe. Can’t say as I agree 100% about the first paragraph really. Not with what I am seeing here. Previously very well-off people are having huge difficulties now.

  2. Gosh, I’m terribly sorry to hear of your situation Shannon! I just wanted to offer you some frugal living tips if you plan on doing any driving, as this presents a huge opportunity for savings. Here you go: 1) Drive the speed limit on the freeway (every 5mph above 60mph that you drive costs you about an extra quarter per gallon of gas); 2) Make sure your tires are properly inflated (improves fuel economy by about 3%).

    I’m interning on the Drive Smarter Challenge Campaign, and it’s my job to keep people informed of these cash/gas saving tips. Check out our website at

    And you can access about $20 worth of coupons on your next motor oil purchase!

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