Low-Income Apartments

I have noticed a nasty trend in the low-income apartment living situation.

Right from the beginning, I want to say that not all low-income communities are falling apart. 

You have to understand…way back when my 19 year old daughter was 1, we moved into a low-income apartment. It was a great place to live, where you could trust your neighbors, everyone looked out for and took care of everyone  else’s children, and we watched what was done and said in front of them.

Over the years, such living situations seem to have gotten increasingly worse. There are drug problems, domestic abuse issues, and children as young as three and four are running rampant in the streets.

Don’t believe me? I have lived in such areas.

I remember, when my daughters were young, thinking that those things were not typical. That my family had nothing to worry about. Then, over time, things began to change.

I am not in low-income housing any more. I took myself and my daughters out of that situation on purpose, and I can tell you that I pay less on rent and bills now then I did while living in  low-income housing.

Well, there you have it. Observations from a single, low-income mom who is struggling to set her life right.



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