Saving Money on Prom

Zowie and Jake: Prom 2009My daughter, Zowie (a junior) and her prom date Jake ready for his senior prom. Look closely at the photo. She is wearing a duct tape dress and jacket that she made with her aunts. He is wearing a duct tape tux that his sister helped him to make. And yes, they are both wearing high tops.

His Theme: The Joker (I have no idea what the prom theme actually was.) Of course, he was teased for looking a bit like Barney.

Why are these two crazy kids wearing duct tape and high tops? Jake is trying to win a $5,000 scholarship.

Now, Zowie spent about $40.00 to make her dress. I know that I can go and get a beautiful dress on clearance at Deb in the mall for less than that, but she was crazy enough to do this for her friend.



2 thoughts on “Saving Money on Prom

  1. For all my daughters dresses since 8th grade we got all her dresses at dillard’s and they were 40-60% off. There are the best deals in the store if you can go.

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