Some of you may have been wondering where I have been. A lot has been happening in my life as of late:

  1. I had been sick with the flu, and then it just wanted to hang onto me with fatigue for days afterward. Not good. It hurt my legs just walking the same 2.5 miles that I walk every morning, then I was completely drained when I would arrive at home.
  2. I was working outside of the home for a while, which left me with minimal time for anything else.
  3. My daughter finally got her surgery, then had a week long recovery. We had been wanting this surgery for her for about a year, and the new Gynecologist agreed that the surgery should be done. We found out that Zowie has no female problems, but we did not find out what has been plaguing her with daily pain for the last year. Our next step is with a GI Specialist.
  4. I had to create homeschool transcripts for Zowie to give to her principal so that he could decide if he would graduate her next year. She has been homeschooled since she was 6, and took two high school courses this year. He was very impressed with her transcripts, and agreed to graduate her next year. Normally, they make homeschooled students start there high school years all over around here. I did something right. Go me! The only class she will take at home next year will be Spanish. We will be using The Rosetta Stone program.
  5. I created a site for freelancer’s at http://howtolivethefreelancelife.com.  This is something that I had wanted to do for a long time, and has been my pet project for a couple of weeks. The site is ready, though there is still a lot to do behind the scenes. I am very proud of this site.

There you have it. Me being busy. I tell people that I think that I have adult ADD because my mind is all over the place all of the time, which makes it hard for me to concentrate on any one thing for long. The fact that I finished the site is great! By the way, I have four other sites that I have been planning as well.



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