Cat Litter Savings

I have six cats.

  • The first three are adult males, and we took them in so that they would not end up at the humane society when they were kittens. They only keep them so long, then they put them down. My poor heart couldn’t take that.
  • Pixie’s is only a couple of years old. She is the product of my sister Sheila’s male cat, and my sister Katie’s female cat. Three came out of that litter because Michelle wanted a cat. Katie kept one and I agreed to take the other.
  • One day, my daughter Skye’s neighbor opened up a box of frames, cups, etc., and there were all of these little kittens no more than two weeks old. By the time Skye called me, most had been taken. There were two sisters left, so I agreed to take them. Skye immediately took one into her home (Sprite) and treated her well. The other one (Fae) did not fare as well. By the time they came to me at about 5 or 6 weeks of age, poor little Fae was flea ridden, with conjunctivitis in both eyes. She was starving and scared to death. Someone had broken her tail. This could have went badly, but all of my love and attention and nursing ensured that she did not end up feral. She is very lovey now.

As you can imagine, with six indoor cats, I go through a lot of cat litter. Sam’s Club sells litter at just under $9.00 for 40 pounds. This lasts me about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, is cheaper than anywhere else, and works better than any other kind. I pay about $9.00 a week when I purchase anything else.



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