What to do with Small Pencils

As adults, it becomes hard to use pencils once they have been sharpened too many times. They are too small for our hands to comfortable handle.

Does this mean that we must throw them out? Of course not! We can pass them along to young children. They have smaller hands than us, so they can still use them.

This helps to reduce waste, and teaches children the art of recycling and reuse.



5 thoughts on “What to do with Small Pencils

  1. first of all i just wanna say its nice to get advice from someone who is going thru the same things you are going thru and i think the site is great. i am a sinlge mom on welfare and will be getting off soon because my youngest will be 18 and i want to put some money aside. do you have any advice or experiences with saving money in the bank while on welfare?

    1. It seems that DHHS holds every little bit of extra money against us these days. I would definately save, though. In a safe or something. I’m pretty sure that you can save up to $500.00 in some places before they start taking out of your foodstamps. I do know that there have been some recent changes about financial things, at least here in Maine, so I would suggest calling your case worker and asking her some questions.

  2. thanks and i’ve been doing some research and i’ve read in nj you can have $2000 in assets(liquid) but no more than that. but i’ll talk to my worker too.

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