Hello, My Name is Shannon and I Reuse Aluminum Foil

Okay, okay. I admit it. I reuse aluminum foil. I use it on my bake ware to prevent messes. I use it to cover food before putting it into the refrigerator sometimes. I suppose there are a few other uses for aluminum foil as well.

I wipe mine off and reuse it as many times as I can.

Is this insane? Who knows. Does anyone else do this? I have no idea. I just know that I can’t stand the price that they charge for this product.



12 thoughts on “Hello, My Name is Shannon and I Reuse Aluminum Foil

  1. I don’t use aluminum foil. Ever. I don’t see the need for it as I have cookware with lids. Leftovers go into glass containers with lids (I eshew plastic as much as possible).

    I prevent messes in the oven by keeping a large baking tray at the bottom of my oven to catch spills.

    I cannot see how one can clean foil without bacteria starting to grow on it. But that is just me.

  2. shannon, i love reusing things like that…so many of those little choices make a difference! my grandma used to buy topjob(sp?) paper towels the thick ones, use them for spills, wash them and hang them on the line….i love to save to go boxes, strawberry plastic boxes, wash large ziploc bags, save sourcream/butter dishes…etc……and kristine…get over it…we don’t reuse nasty/baked-on/filthy/raw meat stuff…..

    1. Yes, we are careful about what we reuse. But. let’s face it. We have been doing these things for years and no one has gotten sick yet. I do reuse ziploc bags that had raw meat in them. Just wash them in hot water along with the dishes.

  3. shannon…i forgot…i also reuse my vacume sealer bags…everyone has their preference about the raw meat bags…i personally just don’t because it’s “my thing”…i just don’t like raw meat to begin with, don’t like touching it, smell, etc…..but love your “confessional” i have friends that wouldn’t dream of reusing things….i feel like i almost have to keep things like that a secret sometimes….hehe….you go girl!!

    1. LOL. With some people, you almost have to keep these things a secret. I too, used to reuse vacuum cleaner bags. The vacuum cleaner I have now is bagless, and the filters are rinsable, so I don’t have to worry about doing that any more.

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