Returnables for Low-Income People

Do you often see returnables on the side of the road? Do you bother to pick them up? Do you cash them in?

Everyday, I can pick up at least four returnables while out walking, and some days there are significantly more. Saturdays and Sundays are great days for picking up returnables.

I do not pick up all that I see. There is an older couple who also pick them up, so I leave the bagged ones that a neighbor sets out for them. Some mornings I walk first, some mornings they do. We do not always take the same route.

There are also homeless people at the park in the next town who pick up the returnables. I do not touch these, and I leave any soda or other bottles that I may use there for them to find.

So I share. I still end up with tons of returnables.

So, what can a low-income individual or family do with the funds from returnables?

  • Pay bills.
  • Buy food and other necessities.
  • Save for a mini vacation.
  • Do something fun!
  • Take your child out to eat.
  • Get a hair cut.

There are a lot of things you can do with your new found funds.

What would you do?


P.S. If I only picked up four returnables a day, at .05 each (.20 a day) I would have $73.00 within a year. I pick up more than double that in a year, so I earn a hefty some from my efforts. Plus, I get in all of that exercise! And, I am recycling!

My philosophy is, “If no one else wants the money, I sure do!”

P.P.S. One of the plans that I am making is for a way to track all of the returnables that I collect on this blog, making it easy for everyone to see at a glance what money I have earned from this venture.


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