I was curious as to how many of you pick up returnables when you notice them when you are out and about.

If so, what do you use the funds for?



3 thoughts on “Returnables

  1. Hello! It’s been on my mind to check into how to do this {where to turn the cans in, how does this work etc…} I figure why the heck not? I’d pick up a penny if it was on the road wouldn’t I? Yes, I definitely would.

    I also collect Coke Points, and when I was driving down the road late Sunday night {recycling pickup is early Monday morning} and I noticed all the Coke bottles in the recycling bins = free points = free stuff!

    I think I’m going to take the pups out for an early morning walk Monday morning…

    Wonder who I would even call about cans and recycling for money??

    1. Some stores take returnables, and there is likely at least one redemption center near you. Our Hannaford grocery stores takes them, and we have two redemtion centers near me – one of which will even give you extra money if you separate everything into glass, plastic and cans. This, of course, is the place where I take my returnables.

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