Sometimes You Just Have to Turn the Heat Up

Two mornings in a row I woke up and it was freezing in here. I always turn the heat down t 55* before going to bed, but that was not working for me on these two mornings.

So, last night, the weather was calling for an even colder night. -12*. I decided to only turn the heat down to 60* last night.

At around 6:00 this morning Zowie came down into my room and said, “Mom, it’s like -30* this morning, I don’t want to go to my class. It’s too cold to walk to the bus stop.” I told her that she didn’t have to go.

I stayed in bed until 7:30, not even wanting to peek my head out from beneath the blankets. When I finally did, I could tell that turning the heat down to only 60* last night did me no good at all. I should have just left it alone.

At 7:30 this morning the temperature was only -21*.  Now, at 8:00 Am, it is only -19*.

Sometimes, you just have to turn the heat up. It is on 72* here right now, and that is a rarity. It usually is only turned up to 63-65* during the day.



One thought on “Sometimes You Just Have to Turn the Heat Up

  1. This is where we have been at the last several weeks as our rental is poorly designed (the water heater and heater are upstairs and our downstairs heat ducts are near the ceiling–can we say dumb). My heat (which I am fortunate not to pay for right now) is set about 74 so that the downstairs will be tolerable for us to be in.

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