Free Cell Phone for Low-Income People

If you live in one of the states below, you may qualify. I do not, though I can see where a cell phone would come in handy. I have a TracPhone myself, but keep relatively few units on it. I use it for:

* Business: The daycare children’s parents can call me when they are out of school or work to see where to pick up their children. This saves them gas, and me from rushing around so much with a bunch of children in tow. We can go to the playground, and their parents can pick them up there.

2. For me and Zowie: We each have a TracPhone with relatively few units. We text each other, mostly. She walks to the city bus pick-up. The bus has undesirable people (Not all of them, but it is not 100% safe).She goes here and there for her education (we homeschool) sometimes walking 4 miles or more on her own in a day. We are both so busy! I always know where she is. If either of us has a question, we can get the answer right off, which helps us with scheduling. If she has an emergency, I know. She actually does have a pretty severe medical condition that she has many problems with, and sometimes spends more time at the hospital than anywhere else.

It really does come in handy for us, but we can only afford units occasionally. Everyone knows to state their business, get their answer and hang up quickly.

It sure would be nice if this was in my area.

New Hampshire
New York
D. of Columbia
North Carolina

Have a nice day!


28 thoughts on “Free Cell Phone for Low-Income People

  1. A friend called me the other day and told me about a free cell phone offer, or low income people, that I might be interested in. I’m at work now, and left the web address at home, so I tried doing my own research to track it down. I Googled: free cell phone low income, and got TONS of hits from all over the country. You might want to try a similar search and add your state. I’m in MA, so I’m going to try to narrow my search by adding in MA to the search. There are a lot of offers. Good luck, John

  2. Are you kidding me? My taxes are continuing to go up and we’re giving cell phones to people who can’t afford them???? Cell phones are luxury items, NOT NECESSITY! If they want to give these people old dectivated phones, I’m good with that…even an inactive phone will still work for 911 if the concern is truly for safety. I have an education and work my butt of to make a living…where’s my handout?????

    1. I see your point of view, but consider this. Most of the people who cannot afford a cell phone also have an education and work their butts off. And I do not think that your tax dollars are paying for these services. The companies are paying for them.

      Cell phones can certainly be considered necessities, especially where teenagers are concerned. I am a low-income person, and I paid for my own TracPhone, and I pay for units for both mine and my daughters phones. My daughter purchased her own phone with money that she earned.

      However, if the free phone were available here in Maine, we would have gotten one or two. Why? Because I pay taxes as well. And, because I give the phone company money every month to pay for my landline.

      Being able to call 911 is great, but a child/teenager should also be able to call their parents in an emergency, rather than waiting for someone at the emergency room to be able to do so.

      There are a lot of things to take into consideration.

    2. I am so disappointed in people these days. Yeah, there are people out there that make too much to qualify for a free cell phone, but that means they might can afford there bills. No I don’t think a cell phone is a right, heck I don’t have one, but I do believe that people with disabilities that can’t afford to pay for one, or elderly people that can’t afford them, should be able to get these. I think it’s a great idea. My mother and stepfather are both disabled. The only income they have is from the government. She has many health problems, and he has a major heart and back conditions. They don’t just hand disability checks out to anyone so yes, they need it. They are both in pretty bad health so they can’t work but if they did try they would lose their disability. So they live off of what they make per month from the government. And believe me it’s not much, espicially in this economy! By the time they pay house rent, all of the bills, and buy gas and food… There isn’t much left. And what is left ends up going on more gas and food. Not to mention they are having to support me as well, because I can’t find a job anywhere and have applied everywhere for the past 2 years! Yes I think this cell phone program is a great thing for people who may have emergencies come up. They only get like 60 mins a month for emergencies so it’s not like they can just talk all they want on it. What if your parent couldn’t afford one, and had a health concern and was driving alone one day and it hit them? This cell phone program can save lives for people who need it! Some people are so freaking greedy! Everyone needs to open their eyes and realize this is a good thing.
      And the phones are as basic as they come, no cam or anything jsut basic for calling. Which is enough for people that need them but some of you people act like they are handing out iphone’s or something? Also, some of you think that welfare is things just handed to people that dont need them, or people that dont try? Some of you also seem to think that people entitled to welfare have it easy? Give me a break! Good Lord people, I know just like everyone else that there are people that do these things…. There are people who would rather sit back and feed off of whomever and whatever they want. Get everything handed to them that they can without eveer lifting a finger. And yes these people make me just as sick as they do you because they make a lot of you think that everyone on welfare is like that. What about the elderly that are in too bad of health to work and have nothing to their names? Or even the younger people who’s health is also so bad they can’t work? I know some of you that think you are right about everything think “oh well anyone can work, I don’t care how sick they are, they just don’t want to work!”. I happen to know better! There are people too weak and tired to even get out of the bed, and a lot of them have no one there to help them, or if they do have someone they can’t help them. There are also people who have nervous disabilities and can’t handle certain obligations that come with working? Sounds stupid to you right? What if it was you? What if you was diagnosed with a nervous condition and told you could never work again? What choice would you have but to apply welfare? You would try every bit of government help you can unless you were born with silver and gold spoons in your mouth and can just have everything handed to you that way? The Bible says not to judge people, and I struggle with that since there are so many others out there, just in this blog post alone, that are judging all the time. I usually never judge anyone based on looks, race, sex, size, or wealth…. I can honestly say I accept people the way they are! I was some people’s only friend in school, and really genuinely care about every one. I saw an elderly couple in a store one day and tears came to my eyes bc their backs were both so hunched over they were looking straight at the floor. My little cousin passed away at 3 years old with a rare form of cancer, spinal muscular attrophy, and a tumor and if it wasn’t for the help we recieved, she wouldn’t have gotten any help at all, because my family is Very low income. I know some of you are wondering what this has to do with anything? It’s to let some of you know that some people do need and deserve all of the help they can get. Yeah some people don’t deserve it as much and get more help than the one’s that need it more. That’s just life sometimes. I really wish some people would really think about some things before they open their mouths about it.

      1. Thank you for posting this. I believe that some people do not really know what the life of a welfare recipient is. They see someone with a cell phone and/or a car and think that they have money to blow. We know this is not the case, and that these phones are very useful and necessary for many different reasons.

    3. By your post I can tell you are very bitter. And, I find more and more that it is those who are uneducated about welfare recipient’s. First and foremost- the phones are donated from tracfone as are the minutes that are then tax deducted. So good news for you is “your” tax dollars paid for zip. Further, if you need a “handout” you probably qualify. For me now, as I work on my BS in legal studies, receive food stamps and medicaid and have a “free phone”. I make 27000 a year now, with a family of 4 (3 daughters)and I still qualify, still pay taxes each week etc. Judge not lest ye be judged friend, you never know where life shall leave you.

    4. Doing some research of my own, I found “your” tax money is not going out to people who are on welfare. If you are so concerned, you should do some research yourself. These free phones are not all from the government. They are from cell phone companies! Companies who actually care about people in our great nation. They are also using this as a way to advertise their services. Maybe we should be more concerned about why the government is using your tax dollars to spend over $2 million to do research on a frog in the Amazon. So many people judge those of us who are getting assistance from the government. Do you actually think all of these people really want to live this way? Maybe this is the worst time of their life, getting divorcess, lost a spouse or have an injury or a terrible incident happened to them and has landed them here, with no place to turn but to humbly reach out their hand to ask for assistance. Think about it. No phone. No way to make an appointment to see a doctor or call to see to follow up on a job. Maybe the worst of all is without a phone, some of us can’t even call our loved ones for support or just to say hello.

      Down on our luck.

    5. u must have never done without or been poor..a cellphone isnt just for 911 its for the kids school to reach me in a emergacry.i can make appointmernts for my babies or for the dr to reach me.and being a single mother of 3 girls 5,2, and 4 months the free phone helps so much when i dont have a extra dollar after paying my bills tp keep a roof over our head…put ur self in my shoes for a day then u might understand but then agian some people will never understand us low income people just trying to make it day to day

  3. I just want to tell any one who does not know, that in most stataes there is a program which offers a free cell phone and monthly minutes, that are automatically added to your phone monthly. I have on myself and sevice and support are outstanding.This service is for low income people.Just go to Safe link wirerless to see if you qualify. Good luck

  4. Safelink via Tracfone in New York City does a wonderful job with this program, and it’s not merely for 911 calls–anyone can call 911 from any pay phone booth in the street for free. It’s for allowing poor people to keep in touch with relatives who live far away, or for getting business calls and job offers. How would one be able to get out of the poverty trap if a prospective employer or business client can’t reach him or her? Many working-class and middle-income people have been giving up their land lines because two phones are too expensive and land lines aren’t as portable or practical as cell phones. Impoverished people may not have any phone line at all. The free cell phone and about an hour’s worth of air time (minutes) that the company provides affords someone looking for work of any kind the ability to phone about job prospects and to leave a callback number through which the job hunter can accept calls. A phone is a necessity, and if a cell phone is the option, it is hardly a luxury item. May the communications gods show anyone who would begrudge this program to the poor a first-hand opportunity to see how it is to live without the ability to pay for a monthly cell phone contract, or a pay-as-you-go plan–in other words, at least 6 months’ worth of being out of work and out of resources. Believe me, you will want to kill yourself. You may succeed, too, without a free cell phone, as you won’t be able to phone an ambulance if you change your mind about committing suicide after you try to.

  5. this is wonderful! My parents are retired and are definitely low income therefore this is something that will benefit my parents. FANTASTIC !!!!

  6. I started out trying2find the site4FREETRACFONES,when I ran in2 the comments@ the beginning of this!OMG,I am a stay@home Grndparnt along w/my spouse whos onSSD!Have custody of4of r5 grndkids!Hubbie wnt2college&ended up latr years onSSD!I lost my Business due2personal reasons&taking custody of a baby who was a premie&3othrs who neede me(us),Besides raising 4 of r own already&1 is still@home ready2 graduate this year!Had r life planned out…SURE DID!OBVIOUSLY,going from college2aVERY WELL paying job w/good bene’s(&what he studied4) &myself being a hard wodking”tax payr” that I WAS,sometimes working 3TO4JOBS!Then worked in2 my own Cleaning Bus.DOESN’T EVERY1 LIKE2think THEY GOT IT all FIGURED OUT!OF COURSE WE’D all LIKE2think THAT,Be honest how many peoples lives go EXACTLY AS PLANNED!Without a hitch,so2speak!POINT BEING;We’ve been on both sides&we’ve neede assistance frm the State,Guess I’m saying,How can the Free Tracfone thing b a bad thing if it helps,&peple can still feel their own selfworth!

  7. My mother who is 90 lives alone has Parkinson and was diagnosed with a sever heart condition a year ago. We were concerned if she needed medical attention she would not be able to reach a phone. Since she was not able to afford one of those alert security systems, she got one of these phones and carried it with her. We programed our number into the phone and all she needs to do is hold on down on the number it will call us. She fills safer and we know she can reach us when she needs us.

  8. Personally I feel the free phones is a good thing. I travel to Wichita, KS once a week and need something for on the road just in case of emergency. We r on assistance with EBT food card and LIEAP.. hey when u need help u need help! We live month to month on a very fixed income,, we have just enough to pay the bills.. if we didnt have the EBT food card we would starve. I’m thankful there is finally something like the free cell phones for us who r low income. If u have never been low income and have to live month to month I’d say this to u.. why dont u give up all your well to do things, your beauitful homes, nice brand new cars, lavish lifestyles and u try living the way us low income people HAVE to live,, then maybe u’ll see why the free cell phones r good,, maybe just maybe u’ll be on our side with this.

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