A Reader Needs Help

I have edited this request for help so that her families personal information is not given out. This was a comment that was recently left on this blog. If anyone has any other advice than what I have given, please be kind and help her out.

Reader comment:

I’m a single mother of 2, trying to make it through the winter. I have applied for help and keep getting turned down because I am over the income guidelines. I recently had surgery on October 28th, witch left me out of work, collecting 40% of my pay. I have recently gone back to work last week working 4 hours a day. My rent for December for $800 is not paid and my oil tank is almost empty! I have not bought my children anything for Christmas! I have paid my electricity bill, put gas in my car, and food on the table, that is all that I have been able to afford for the last 5 weeks! I am begging for help, I don’t know what to do. If u can help us at all, please contact me asap, therefor my children and I will have a home, with heat for Christmas!



My Response:

I have no idea what state you reside in, but here are my best pieces of advice for this type of situation:
1. Whatever you have tried so far to get help, do it again every 30 days until you either get the help, or you no longer need it.
2. Visit all the food cupboards in your area and surrounding areas, and try not to have to buy as much food as possible. Spend that money on rent instead. At some food cupboards you will be able to go once a week, some once a month, etc.
3. Go to your church and see what services they have to offer.
4. Sign your children up for things like The Angel Tree, The Salvation Army, etc for a gift each. Otherwise, I know many children even younger than yours who know that they are not receiving purchased gifts from parents, or gifts from Santa. They are not complaining. Such is life these days. The focus this year is on family togetherness and having fun, rather than on gifts.
5. Check out your Dept. of Health and Human Services.
6. Gather up all of your receipts and bills for a 1 month period and make an appointment at your towns welfare office (usually at the town/city hall) to see if they will help you with your rent. Even if they say no one month, they may be able to help the next. Find out exactly what they need.
Hope this helps. And check back on the blog to see if readers offer up any good advice. https://livingthelowincomelife.wordpress.com.

6 thoughts on “A Reader Needs Help

  1. These are all good suggestions. If you are still employed where you were and you have a 401K plan you can “borrow” against it and pay back with your contributions. This is not suggested unless you are in critical conditions, which it sounds like you are. There are government programs to help with heating costs, check into the programs. I am a landlord, talk to your landlord and see if you can workout a payment plan. We try to work with our renters when something like this happens, possibly you could add $50 – $100 more each month to pay off the unpaid rent this month. If you have a good credit rating you might be able to get a loan from a bank. Do you have anything that you an sell? Talk to your children’s schools. There are many programs to help with food, gifts, etc. These are difficult times. I will pray for you and your family.


  2. Our school nurse has paperwork to fill out and she provides very nice presents for families who are having a tough time. Our local rec-Boys/Girls Clubs are very helpful also. The Salvation Army will absolutely help out a family in need.

  3. In our local WIC office they are taking applications for Toys for Tots. I believe the only thing you need to qualify is proof of financial difficulty. With a recent surgery and decreased work hours, that shouldn’t be hard to proove. They don’t get to ask for a specific toy, but at least they would recieve something. 🙂

  4. Don’t forget to go to your cities Emergency Welfare department (in city halls) ….they may be able to help with things like rent, food, etc. Even if you haven’t qualified for other services, you might for these. Also in Maine we have “CAP” agencies (where you apply for things like Head Start childcare, Fuel Assistance etc) that might be able to help or direct you to other places that could possibly help out. The best thing you can do for your family is to educate yourself as to what is available and not give up! GOOD LUCK!

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