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* Some parents choose to stay home with their children. I do not see any problem with waiting to work until you have to.
* When it is time to get a job, you still may not be ready to leave your child. Are there any work at home options for you. Maybe you can babysit.
* Right now I choose not to work outside the home. It works for me, but we live with very little money. Do what you can to make as much money as possible.

The Cost of Mom Working Outside the Home: A Two Parent Home

By Shannon Buck – Copyright March 2007

I am not going to delve into specific figures in this article, I am merely going to mention the more obvious reasons why it may be better for Mom, or even Dad, to stay at home while there hubby works.

There are a couple of issues to think about before both parents work outside the home. The first consideration is our children. What will happen with our children while we are off working. Will they be treated properly? Will they have the same advantages that they would have if we were taking care of them ourselves? Will they be eating properly? Think about all of the questions that you have regarding your children before you start looking for work.

I truly believe that, if it is at all possible, one parent should be home with the children when they are young. And when they are teenagers, they may need a parent there even more. Teenagers go through so much.

The second consideration is financial. How much will it cost you to work? There are many different costs when you work outside the home. Ask yourself these questions:

__________How much will I bring home each week?
               __________How much will I pay for childcare, for each child?
__________Total cost of childcare.
__________What will I have to purchase for the children in order to send them to daycare?
               __________Back Packs
               __________Other needs
__________If the baby sitter comes to my home I will not save money on food and utilities. and                 may end up paying more.
__________Will I have to purchase a vehicle? How much will this cost on a weekly basis?
__________How much will I have to pay for gas each week?
__________Oil changes, alignments and repairs for another vehicle?
__________How much will I have to spend on new clothing for myself? How often?
__________What about food for myself?

Here are some other considerations:

__________Who will stay home with the children when they are sick or on vacation?
__________Will I have to pay more for childcare at these times?
__________What if a child gets in trouble at school? Who will be called out of work?
__________Who will make the most money?

Here is an example:

Dad makes $366.00 before taxes per week before withholdings.
Mom could bring home $206.00 per week before withholdings.
They have two children, one school age and one toddler.
Dad can drop mom off at work and pick her up, so a second car is not necessary, which also save on gas.
Child care per week is $45.00 for older child (more when child is not in school), $100.00 for the toddler.
Mom needs new clothing.
Children need to bring meals with them.
Mom needs to bring lunch, snacks and drinks with her.

As you can see, childcare alone makes it more expensive for mom to work than to stay at home.

In instances where both mom and dad have high paying jobs, childcare will be more affordable. Each family’s situation will be different. it may be worth it for both parents to work in one family, but not for another family.

We just have to be aware of the true cost of working outside the home.



As a welfare recipient, I know that I do not want to be in this situation forever.

If you do not absolutely need to be on welfare, I suggest that you do not do it, except for health care services.

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