Quick Financial Tips

  • My phone bill is $8.00 a month. I took everything off it except the maintenance plan. I get a discount because I received HEAP a couple of times.
  • Using coupons can mean a lot of savings, but sometimes you will save more by purchasing a different brand or a generic/store brand. Make sure you always check.
  • Heat rises, so turn the heat down upstairs. You may also want to experiment with turning the heat down one degree each night to see what you are comfortable with.
  • You may find that you are comfortable at a temperature of 63* at night, but need it a bit warmer during the day. I always turn my heat down when I will be gone for awhile.

One thought on “Quick Financial Tips

  1. I live in a townhouse and it’s too bad that I can’t keep the heat/AC turned off on the first floor when we are all upstairs at night. I feel like it is just wasted.
    Janel in NJ

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