Winter Prep: 2008 (Done so far)

Plastic shopping bags
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Right now, I am working on the pantry. Zowie got most of the trailer banked today, and I have had my appointment with fuel assistance. The heat tape has been plugged in. I will be doing more during the upcoming week. Who knew that it was going to get so cold, so soon. We usually do most of our winter prep stuff in November.

I have also cleaned up the yard, harvested everything from the garden, and continued to feed the compost for use next spring. And I have loaded the beds with quilts, fleece blankets and comforters.

Zowie has vacuumed out all of the heat vents.

Tasks to try to complete during the upcoming week:

  • Close up all of the windows. (Done)
  • Put screens in shed. (Done)
  • Put plastic on the windows. (Done)
  • Caulk the tub. (Done)
  • Call to have the furnace cleaned. (Done)
  • Fill a couple of small holes in the wall, left for me by the previous owners. (Done)
  • Figure a way to stop the draft from the area behind the tub. Also, left from the previous owner. My stepfather did put up a wall to block the sight of the pipes for the tub and shower, but now there is an air leak that I have to attend to. (Done: Stuff the opening with plastic shopping bags so the air can’t get through.)

Hopefully I will have time to accomplish this stuff.



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