Fuel Assistance and Morals

On October 6th, I had an appointment to sign up for fuel assistance. I do not do this often. In fact, I have only done this twice in my life, when my daughters were just little girls. They are now 18 and 16. Not that I wouldn’t have qualified the other years, but I just knew that there were people who needed more than I did.

At any rate, this has not been a good year for me financially. We are getting through it, but we need a little help. I’m not sure if I have been approved yet, but I likely will be.

I was disappointed to learn, while filling out the paper work, that my oil company was not participating in the fuel assistance program. I had thought that all of the companies did, but I was obviously wrong.

I have decided that, come spring, I will be leaving my oil company and switching to Morin Fuel. I spoke to someone at Morin Fuel this morning, and he says that they will set me up with an account when I call them again, and they will accept the fuel assistance. Because they are willing to do this for me, I will be switching to their company for good when my contract is up with the other company.

I am disappointed that the company that I have been using for the last six years does not care enough about their community to accept the fuel assistance. I have to wonder why all oil companies have not signed the contracts with Penquis to do this.

To me, community is very important. When people are in need, it should be the community who takes care of them.

I think that it should be mandatory for all fuel companies to contract with Penquis to accept fuel assistance. It is a necessary program for so many people.



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