Life Changes Quickly

So, I am now earning more money. Today I began babysitting 4 year old twins. They are cute. I am helping the mom out, and will hopefully begin getting paid more soon. Right now I am at $3.00 and hour for both, and this includes the time that there older sister is here.

With any luck, I will be making about $3.00 and hour for each of them soon. By then, it will likely only be part-time, though at the moment it is more like full time.

Things went well here our first days.

Zowie needed physical therapy for her jaw, which she started last month. It looks this may be her last week. Thank goodness for MaineCare.

We are all decorated for Halloween, and the twins loved all of the decorations. I thought they may be scared, as I wasn’t expecting to have them so soon and we don’t have kiddie decorations any more, but they loved them.

I hope you are all doing well, and would love to hear about how everyone is planning on getting through the winter financially. What money saving ideas do you have?



5 thoughts on “Life Changes Quickly

  1. My hubby works seasonally in construction, so we have a huge drop in income in the winter. Before winter I always buy up enough shampoo, tp, dish detergent, etc to last 4mo. I try to also fill the freezer and cabinets. I buy Christmas during the busy summer season. We save a little cash too. During the fall, I collect apples, pumpkins and other harvest to put away for later. Winter is just a no-buy season here unless we have to buy such as fresh milk.

    I am older than you with grown children, but I have been in your place. It is very hard to live on a very low income. But it teaches you skills that others do not have. You know how to plan meal menus so that there is food to cover until you can get more. You know the services and programs that are available to you and your children. You know how to empathize with others in your place. Some people don’t. I am not longer in your financial place, but I do understand where you are. We lived the same way when we were young.

    I was working in a church mission when a young woman with infant and toddler came in to ask for help with her heating bill. I will never forget the horror I felt when the pastor told her to “turn down the heat”. I know the pastor had no idea what it was like to keep the heat on 60, but still have a $300 heating bill. The pastor had no idea what it was like to have a rented home with no insulation and no money to plastic the windows.

    People who have never had to scrimp and pray to survive have no idea what it is like. You do. And because of that you can help educate others on how to live on very little. God can use you greatly to teach people in these unstable economic times. I hope you see what a mission field God has put in front of you, and what a gift the Lord has given you to speak freely and succinctly about your life. And you give helpful information to those who need it. It’s a ministry just as much as preaching the gospel or feeding the poor is a ministry. Not every person has the ability or the honesty to teach so simply and well about how to deal with poverty in the US.

  2. I was thinking of starting a babysitting service, but worry about the influence of other children on mine. I chose to homeschool due to these influences. How do you 1. find people to sit for and 2. determine whether or not you want their children in your home? Thank you!!!

  3. 1. I post everywhere I can for free, and I count on word of mouth.

    2. No one raises their children like I do mine, even my sister. If I were to be picky, I probably couldn’t provide childcare in my home.

    I would have to say that you should be positive that the person that you babysit for has the same parenting.child rearing values that you do.

    However, you can use the children as examples for your children of how not to behave, if you have no other choice.

  4. Also, providing childcare in your home is a huge deal. You have to be prepared for everything. If your children are older, they will be able to see the childrens behaviour as a lesson.

    This also provides you and your children with the opportunity to teach other children how to behave in your home, and when they are out and about with you.

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