When you cannot Afford to Purchase a lot of Cleaning Supplies

By Shannon Buck – Copyright July 2007

Believe me, this happens in our household as well. I try to always have a few things on hand:

a large bottle of vinegar (The vinegar smell does  not stay in the home that long. Only use a small amount with water.)
a few large boxes of baking soda
dish detergent, purchased at the dollar store with coupons.

What I can clean with these:

floors – vinegar and water
walls – vinegar and water
tub – baking soda and water/salt if tough grime
toilet – (same as above)
sinks – (same as above)

As for laundry, just add a squirt of dish detergent to running water in washer. If there are bubbles, add your laundry. If not, add another squirt. You will learn quickly how much to use. It will depend on whether you have hard or soft water.

As a preventive measure you should clean drains once a month. I do the kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as the tub drain. Put baking soda in the drain, add vinegar, then a pot of boiling water.

If you own a washing machine, be sure to run an empty load once a month with a cup of vinegar.

You can clean your home quite nicely with just these products. You do not have to use a lot of any of the products at one time. And you will save money by doing this.

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