No Money for Gas (Oh my!)

By Shannon Buck – Copyright July 2007

Well, they say that America is overweight, so this will certainly help some of us with that problem, including me. On average, each adult should be getting about 10,000 steps each and every day. How many of us actually do that? I rarely ever do. Children are supposed to be getting at least and hour of activity in every day. If you are not used to getting in this much activity every day, walking should help you lose some weight right off. Keep it up, and you will lose even more over time.

Start by walking to places that are a mile away, then two…three…up to five miles a day seems like a good goal. How long will this take? It depends on how fast you walk. I can walk almost four miles one to two hours, depending on how fast I decide to walk that day. I plan to be walking five miles, five days a week, by the end of autumn.

So, where can we walk and save gas money at the same time? Everywhere! Bring along your entire family. You can walk to work, to school, to the post office, to the bank, to the playground…Anywhere!

You could even walk to do your grocery shopping. You can purchase enough food so that each family member can carry one or two bags home.


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