Free Decorations for Holiday Gifts

My nephew and I have been collecting flowers to dry and have them hanging in bunches in the living room and the kitchen.

If we can afford to, we intend to buy some wicking before the holidays. We have been saving the used wax from candles, as well as the holders, and are planning on making new candles from them to give as gifts to our loved ones.

I also picked up many taper candles of different sizes before I lost most of my job.

We plan to tie a few taper candles together to give as gifts to people as well. We will glue/tie the dried flowers to these for decorational purposes.

We may also tie smaller dried flowers around the candle holders.

How we can save money on such gifts for future gifts:

We will be making fliers to give to our loved ones asking for their candle cast-offs and odd ends, and asking them not to throw out the candle holders when they are done. If they give them to us instead, we promise to make them more candles each year.

We will continue to pick up candles on clearance, and at yard sales as well, which will give us more to work with. We will also continue to pick up candle holders in the same manner.



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