My Household Income at This Time

I just wanted to update some of you on what my income looks like now. I had been out of work (mostly) for two months. Last week I started back babysitting.

My family consists of:

  • myself
  • my daughter
  • my nephew who will be staying with me until mid Feb.
  • 4 cats: Family, not pets. They are staying no matter what our financial outlook is like.


  • Daughter: Survivors Benefits. Minimal. Must use so much for bills, etc.
  • Nephew: His mother pays for his food and anything else that he needs while he is here. So the food is contributed to the household, which is easier in meal prep. than cooking more than one meal at a time.
  • Myself: $100.00 per week babysitting. $20.00 per week taking another child back and forth to school. $13.50 this month and next month for a blogging job; goes up in a couple of months, then again on a couple of months, and should end up being about $50.00 a month in the end.
  • $93.00 a month in Food Stamps, starting this month.
  • Food Cupboard take homes.
  • We pick up returnables people have thrown on the ground when we are out walking. Usually nets us at least a couple of dollars a week.
  • Still watch another nephew sometimes during school vacations. $3.00 per hour.

What I continue to do:

  • Post child care fliers in hopes of bringing in two more children.
  • Look for more paying online writing jobs.
  • Trying to find time to try to sell some stories and articles that I have already written, as well as finishing a book of short stories that I am hoping to sell. Unfortunately, writing usually has to be placed on the back burner in order to be sure to be able to actually pay the bills.

I also homeschool my daughter and nephew. I am so busy that I wonder how I will find time to do anything else to earn more money. The babysitting job is already full time.

All-in-all, I am feeling a lot better now that I have weekly pay coming in again. I think that I have just enough to pay the bills. Even just another part-time child might enable me to go to the food cupboard less.

Have a nice day.



3 thoughts on “My Household Income at This Time

  1. you are doing very well to make that amount work. makes me feel a bit guilty talking about target wages of £13-15k.
    thing with money is that it is not neutral, of course it doesnt grow on trees though you would think it did when people seem to think they are entitled to what they can grab/earn as if it is as infinite as the ocean. its not, what i have somebody obviously cant have, the more i take the less there is for the other person.

    if you had more than you needed what would you do with it? reference my blog putting a ceiling on what i need for my lifestyle.

  2. If I had more than I needed….Hmmm…

    I have a tendency to pay ahead on bills. I used to do this when I was renting an apartment – I paid ahead on everything for 6 months when my income taxes came in.

    Now all of the income taxes go toward the property taxes, the insurance and getting us things that we need.

    Anything else, I would likely stock us up for as long as I could on everything.

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