100 Things About Me #4: I Find Food Pantries Helpful

Image By: ladyheart at morguefile.com

I have visited the food cupboard. I had a real rough time, financially, for a few months now, and I g0t food from Crossroads Ministries. They are very helpful. There is not always a lot of food available through them, but I get things that we can use.

I also donate to them. Most people have instances where they receive food that their family does not like, or that they can’t possibly eat before it goes bad. I give most of that to the food cupboard for others to use.

I have also given personal care items and household cleaners. They have a bin for these items, and when people need them they can take them.

Crossroads has a thrift shop as well. I plan to look in there when I have a few dollars and see if they have anything on my wish list. This will help them be able to pay their bills, which is apparently averaging about $3,000 dollars a month.

I believe that they also help with fuel assistance and other needs.

I have not gone to a food cupboard in a couple years, but I know they are there if I need them.

The ladies there are always very helpful, and they are very nice.



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