How to Acquire Free House Plants

I think that most people get their houseplants from their mother or grandmother. I once had a spider plant, rooted in a glass of water from a baby off my mothers plant. The thing grew huge and beautiful, but did not weather the move well. In the end, we lost it.

I have a new one now, along with two porthos, that I acquired for free from a neighbor while I was helping her pack. They are all doing great.

Here are some ways for you to acquire house plants for yourself:

  1. Get babies/starts or plants from family or friends.
  2. Ask neighbors if you can get babies/starts from them.
  3. Get the word out that you want house plants. Tell everyone.
  4. Go to nurseries and see if they have plants that look like they are dying. Maybe they will give them to you free with another purchase.
  5. Get them during spring cleanup in your town or other towns.



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