Free House Plants

This past May, as I was helping the neighbors pack, I was the recipient of a well established spider plant. It is hanging in my front living room window, and is still doing well.

I also received a good porthos plant, which hangs in my kitchen window. This plant has grown a lot since I received it, and is doing quite well.

One of the peices of the porthos broke off during the process of getting it here. I dipped the stem in some powder stuff that made it possible for me to pot it without rooting it first. This poor thing did nothing, until recently. It started with two leaves, and over the last few weeks has 11 new leaves.

Back in July, Katie was telling me about a plant that her mother gave her. The thing was small, and only had a few leaves. It stayed this way for six months, and then started growing like crazy. She had been about ready to give up on it, nut her mother told her to just wait.

I hadn’t noticed the plant, likely because you couldn’t see it, but when it started growing I noticed that it was like my established plan. I told her that it was a porthos, and decided to wait a bit longer to see what mine would do.

Sure enough, it is growing steadily now.

Moral: If you plant seems to be stalled, though still alive, just leave it. Water it once in a while, and see what happens.



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