100 Things About Me #1: Free Is Good!

Image By: alvimann at morguefile.com

I believe that free is good. Even if I don’t need it, I take most of what is offered. The things I do not need, someone else I know may be able to use.

For instance, while helping neighbors declutter and pack, I was the recipient of many clothes, school supplies, cleaning supplies, food items shampoos, soaps and lotions, and many other items.

I took what we could use in a year, and donated the rest to:

  • My sisters and friends.
  • My daughter who was away at school, as well as her schoolmates.
  • Crossroads Ministries (a food cupboard).
  • The Good Will.

Many people benefited from the blessings bestowed upon me. This is a great way to recycle things, rather than throw them into landfills.



4 thoughts on “100 Things About Me #1: Free Is Good!

  1. i agree with that. often things that have no price tag are worth more than those with tags. i feel our obsession with money has taken alot of value away from life. Maybe that will change as economies downturn and people have to rediscover ways to live that reach out to people as opposed to treating them as dumb consumers.

  2. There’s a guy in Britain who hasn’t used money for 18 months. There’s a man (who seems more crazy and less hygienic) in Utah who is on year nine of not using money.
    Maybe you can steal some of their tricks.
    After I get my bachelors, I want to try to do that for a while. I want to work AND live without spending money while investing every dime I get. If I could pull that off, I would be well off I think. Plus, it would be an interesting experience.

    1. I believe that I have read about the guy in Utah. My goal is a homestead with a little home on it. I want to be as self-sufficient as is possible.

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