Making Rags

It looks like we will be needing rags again. The old ones seem to have outlived their usefulness. I have been saving new dish cloths and dish towels for when I could no longer use the old ones for kitchen use.

The old towels and cloths are very old, stained and yucky looking. I will cut them up and use them as rags until they cannot be used for that use any longer.

Dishcloths are cut in half and dish towels are cut into thirds. In this way, I can assure that they do not inadvertently end up back into the kitchen drawer when one of the children is putting clean laundry away.

Rags have their own place. Everyone in the household is privy to the location, and we do not have issues of misplacement.

We also use old bathroom towels and wash cloths as rags. Wash cloths are cut in half, hand towels in thirds, and the bath towels are cut up into as many pieces as is possible.

So, free rags will soon be replacing non-usable ones, and new dish cloths and towels will find their way into the cupboard drawer.



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